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I’ve been writing and rewriting my manifesto for this site since I first set up the domain last April. But today its purpose has finally become clear:

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Today is the first day of school at SFPC

SFPC is the School For Computational Poetry — a program for people who like art and code and want to make weird, squishy human things with them. So … basically everything I love. It’s a ten-week program and I expect to learn a lot, particularly about my own practice. In pursuit of such a noble goal, it seems like an attempt at blogging every day (at least a short piece!) would be useful. I may not make it but I will also make the bar very low. Just a little. I’m going to start with —

The best thing we did today

The human fax machine: A game where two teams create a sound language to communicate shapes without being able to see one another. Our team used one sound for four cardinal directions, one for a 45 degree turn between each, and then the same step system with a different indication for a curve connecting points. It may have been the first group project I’ve even enjoyed. And the whole first day we didn’t even open our computers!